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Feel The Heart Beat And 18 Million People. The Most Excited City On The Globe, From Shanghai, To The World

------ MENO ADVERTISING. Let"s Find Out.....


Meno is an international advertising company, and have a lot of experience in cooperating with western culture. Our major business is we can do business consulting and make the development strategy for you. We are responsible for helping set up the image of your company, selling your products, solve all the problems of your business. All in all, we will try our best to offer the convenience to help international companies enter Chinese market.


We own over 600 thousand Rich Man List, Whose Spend 200 thousand US Dollar for Enjoy every Year ! and we also have many Famous club members...There are some foreign specialists and professional graphic designers in our company. Depends on plentiful experience in operation and staff power, we are specialized in researching, public relationship, designing, retail sales, marketing, promotion, and new media.....

  Shanghai Prettification Expo Services Co., Ltd
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