Dear Sir/Madam

尊敬的的 先生/小姐



Meihua Group Writing to enquire whether you would be willing to establish business relations with us.

Our Group based in Shanghai China.

Our Directorate Have: a Tieato International Trade Co,Ltd, A Fashion Magzine Board-Better Life, An Advertising Co,Ltd, An Expo Co Ltd. A Construction Decoration Co,Ltd.


Better Life Magzine

Established In 1982, a Legendarily Fashion Magzine. Within 24 Years Of Fashion Magzine Experience.Including: Fashion News Interenational Entertainment Info, Clothing, Cosmetology, Shopping, Food , Drinking, Traveling. Home Decoration. etc.)
In the Year of 1994, Mr Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation)Has Said To Better Life Magzine Board : The name of the Magzine: Better Life Means Simply Amazing ! Better Life is not only make the People of China Better Life, the people of the whole world all need to Better Life!
As one of the Leading Fashion Magzine in China, Better Life Magzine is Simply the Best.....


《美化生活》,一本传奇的时尚杂志,于1982年创刊. 世界传媒巨头新闻集团总裁默多克(News Corporation CEO Mr. Rupert Murdoch)先生曾对《美化生活》杂志说过,“美化生活”(Better Life)这个名字的寓意非常好,美化生活不仅要美化中国人的生活,全世界的人民都需要美化生活......

美化生活杂志是中国最知名的实用性、知识性、综合类生活刊物。该刊引领时尚、倡导流行;以介绍: 国际时尚 国际娱乐圈新闻 国内外时装、美容美发、流行趋势、内外装潢以及消费指南内容为主,更有实用美学、真情故事净化人们的心灵,自创刊以来,可读性、实用性与趣味性一直齐头并进。近年来又开国内廉价杂志全彩印刷之先河,是我国历史最悠久的实用杂志之一。


Meihua Expo Service Co Ltd.(We have a 10000 square meter Expo Factory in Shanghai, Over 200 proficiency Workers.. First Class Expo Designer.)

Stick with art

Honest to ourselves

Sincere to others

Engineering:quality is capital

Corporation:credit standing is capital

Competition:the srtength is capital

Established In 1989,Shanghai Prettification Expo Service Co Ltd is a professional service organization of promoting China's foreign trade. Aiming at "Customers first, economic results of enterprises as participants in the exhibition are above everything else.", the company mainly provides specialized foreign trade corporations with all-round exhibition tour business and service related abroad. Shanghai Prettification Exhibition Service company is establishing gradually its own Global service net in china's main destinations in the world with steady works and strong consciousness of services. Meanwhile, Prettification Expovastly cooperates with many Chinese partners like governmental departments, Council for the Promotion of Trade, Foreign Economic and Trade Council, Commerce, guilds, International Exhibition Company, Media and contribute itself to promotion of china's foreign trade. With powerful economic strength and rich experiences, Prettification Expo people are mostly senior experts engaged in international exhibition and tourism for over 10 years. They are especially skillful in applying for those world famous, widely influential and highly effective international expositions with booths often in short supply. We'd like to share rich experiences in organizing tours as well as our on-the-spot impressions on nearly one hundred famous international expositions for concerted development.

Clients we have already worked with include: APEC, F1, COSCO, Bentley, Oracle, IBM, NEC PHILIPS Nestle, Heneken, LG, Amway, Camus and Olympic Garden , Salon "France ,des Maisons a Vivre 2006".....

Scope of business:

* Exhibition organization and design
* booth-sale for international expositions, booth design and decoration
* exhibition facilities for rent
* reception of participants in the conference held at home and abroad and service related
* consultancy, plan and commercial investigation as well as consultancy for information of international economic trade and tour at home and abroad,
* We organizes Chinese groups to visit foreign fairs on official or private trips and handle entry and exit procedures for private visit as an intermediary institution.
Famous expositions we have carefully choose will open the door to your enterprises to the outside world and build a bridge for an economic take-off into the world market. It is the best shortcut for enterprises to step into the world market by getting acquainted with trade partners and developing overseas market and China Market continuously. 

* Business Celebrations
These events are designed to give your market a better understanding of your enterprise. In the competitive market that is China, a great impression can make all the difference. We provide event proposals tailored to our client's requirements - whether it is an opening ceremony, housing development opening, foundation ceremony, and factory opening or anniversary celebration. Services include venue sourcing and booking, total event management, logistics management, guest accommodation, airport meet-and-greet, airport transfers, advertising and the provision of client gifts.

* Brand Campaigns & Product Promotions
These events aim to develop brand awareness and promote new products via creative marketing activities. Services include the arrangement of press conferences, seminars, forums, trade fairs, product launches and investment drives. Our services depend on the client's requirements, and can include venue sourcing and booking, total event management, logistics management, guest accommodation, airport meet-and-greet, airport transfers, entertainment, advertising and the provision of client gifts.

* Business Events
A company annual dinner/party provides the opportunity to further develop communication and understanding - both internally with company staff, and externally with customers and the wider market. These events provide the opportunity to review past results and plan for the future.
Our services include the planning and management of annual dinners, banquet, training, business negotiation, cocktail parties and client banquets.
Our services depend on the client's requirements, and can include venue sourcing and booking, total event management, logistics management, guest accommodation, airport meet-and-greet, airport transfers, entertainment, advertising and the provision of client gifts.

* Talent Management - Models, Entertainers and Hostesses
We provide a wide range of models, entertainers and hostesses for events,
such as conventions, celebrations and exhibitions. Our services are dependent on the client's individual requirements.









我们已成功合作过的客户:中国联通、中国电信、联想集团、中国华源、日本东芝、罗氏药业、APEC,韩国LG 中远集团,宾利汽车,甲古文软件,IBM, NEC PHILIPS雀巢,喜力啤酒,乐金,安利, 卡慕,奥林匹克花园等 华虹集团、申沃客车、上海大众、阿米尼自行车等。更有 法国食品展 法国家具展 2004年世界F1赛车上海站的搭建。

公司宗旨:上海美化展览服务有限公司的同仁多年来一直以“诚信为本、埋头苦干、精益求精、追求卓越”作为座右铬,用自己的智慧与汗水换来了客户一次次的称赞与褒奖。公司国求为每一位客户提供最新的设计,最好的质量,最周到的服务和最优惠的报价 。


形象策划 产品推广


Tieato International Trade Co Ltd.

Tieato is a import/export trading company in China who has inherited the over ten years of International trading experience . At present, we cooperate with some well-known breweries in France, and Chile Wine Factory , possess many established brands of Red Wine, White Wine, and various finely designed gift boxes to be sold in the Great China area.

Tieato owns a young, passional and professional marketing/sales team who has been strictly trained by our senior sales experts from Canada. Team members all come from the first line of selling battlefield and have worked at large international Wine companies for years. They deeply understand the agony and joy in the wine business. We will provide our regional agents with the best product combination to fit their individual market demand. We will let our honorable customers perceive the special service, concrete profit and advanced marketing operation provided by Tieato.

Product: Tieato will import the purest French Wine and Chile Wine and provide our regional agents with the best product combination to fit their individual market demand.

Service: Tieato will set up an integrated logistic supply system in China. To guarantee on-time and efficient goods delivery and logistic warehousing services, we in addition will work with some well-organized forwarders who possess standard management skills, high technical facilities and nationwide delivery networks







Feel The Heart Beat And 18 Million People. The Most Excited City On The Globe, From Shanghai, To The World
------ MENO ADVERTISING. Let"s Find Out.....

Meno is an international advertising company, and have a lot of experience in cooperating with western culture. Our major business is we can do business consulting and make the development strategy for you. We are responsible for helping set up the image of your company, selling your products, solve all the problems of your business. All in all, we will try our best to offer the convenience to help international companies enter Chinese market.
We own over 600 thousand Rich Man List, Whose Spend 200 thousand US Dollar for Enjoy every Year ! we also have many Famous club members...
There are some foreign specialists and professional graphic designers in our company. Depends on plentiful experience in operation and staff power, we are specialized in researching, public relationship, designing, retail sales, marketing, promotion, and new media.....





Looking forward to a close co-operation with You.

We will keep you informed on our progress and look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards!